The New American Gallery

Serving artists since 2003

About the gallery

Since its founding in 2003, The New American Gallery has attempted to set a high standard for art on the Internet. Although nothing can match the experience of standing face to face with fine art in a museum or walk-in gallery, we believe that the Internet can play a vital role in keeping Americans in close touch with important work that is being done throughout the United States today. We are proud of the pioneering role that our gallery has played in bringing two-dimensional fine art to the Internet in an attractive and uncluttered format.

About the artists

We periodically invite artists to exhibit their paintings at the online gallery without fees or commissions of any kind.  We simply showcase their work.  If you wish to discuss a purchase, please contact the artist directly.  

Current artists

-- Mel Stabin, AWS, is one of the world's premier watercolor artists, best known for his loose, transparent landscapes and seascapes.  His U.S. and foreign workshops are virtually always sold out.  Please visit to learn more.  

-- Russ Johnson is a full-time artist and workshop leader who divides his time between  Kennebunk, ME, and Princeton Junction, NJ.  He is widely known for watercolors that capture the many moods of Coastal Maine and rural New Jersey.